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Have you ever misplaced keys to your office and had to wait for hours to gain access? You do not have to experience the same frustration again! Always call Finnegan Locksmith near me whenever you cannot find your keys or if your key is broken. It will take us a few minutes to send Our Edison Locksmith to your location. You will not incur any liabilities. In addition to quick lockout services, we supply top-notch security products within your means. Talk to our customer service representatives today and let us meet your security needs. Your safety and comfort is our top priority.

Keep security systems

Keep security systems working for you

It can be far too easy to put off expensive upgrades or routine maintenance on your home or office security systems, but you don’t want to learn that your security isn’t up to date by having someone break in. Keep your self and belongings safe all the time by working with Finnegan Locksmith to make sure your system is doing all it can. Don’t wait until it is already too late to learn your system could be better, call us today for an on-site consultation.

install master key systems

Professional service when you need to install master key systems

If you manage a hotel, corporate building, school, or any building that requires universal access, contact Finnegan Locksmith in Edison, NJ for consulting about how to install master key systems. Retain the freedom to access your entire property while giving individual keys to specific individuals who you want to give access to specific rooms. Your employees and tenants will feel secure.

Magnetic locks

Magnetic locks: Protection with Convenience

Sometimes the simple locking systems that doors have are not adequate enough for the security you need in your neighborhood. No matter what time of day it is, you can call Finnegan Locksmith whenever you decide to invest in making the change to magnetic locks for the doors to your home, business or other location.These are known for providing extra security while also being remarkably convenient to use with the proper key.

Digital Door Locks

Looking for Digital Door Locks?

Digital door locks have become incredibly popular, if for no other reason than they are much easier and much more affordable than they used to be to purchase and install. Because of this, we at Finnegan Locksmith have several members of our staff who are experts with these sorts of locks. They can answer your questions, help you find the right lock for your particular needs, and even install them for you for a fair price.Contact us to learn more about the services that we offer and as to how else we can help.

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